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Landscape design is a strategy to develop a site or property for maximum utility. Food production and ornamental views are both possible; consulting a skilled designer means your diverse desires need not be mutually exclusive. A productive course of action merges environmental understanding with principles of homesteading thru purposeful plant choices. There is both an art and a science to discovering and presenting the bounty of a landscape to the viewer, the enjoyer. A good design will be:

  1. Responsive to the particular details of your site
  2. Offered in a range of financial options
  3. Focused on your primary desires
  4. Achievable via common methods

What to do before contacting a landscape designer

Think about coming home to your landscape. What is the visual scene you want painted before you? What kind of setting would make you feel most welcome and at home? Start thinking about what you would even want to ask of the landscape designer you’re looking to hire. It’s like the reverse of preparing for a job interview. Instead, you’re preparing to hire someone to work for you!

Think about scenes you’ve enjoyed from other landscapes you’ve visited. What sounds are you sure you want: the rustle of leaves, the chirping of birds, the bubbling of water? How about scents: honeysuckle, cut grass, citrus. Any greenspace can give you a connection to nature. Here you can customize your own landscape to fit your particular eccentricities and desires. Why settle for just a hammock hung between two trees when you could add some flowers up around your eye level, your favorite floral scent wafting up from below, and your preferred seasonal snacks within reach?