We offer Quonset-style greenhouses in three basic sizes, prices include material and labor:

Small (14' x 25') || 350 square feet || $1500

Medium (14' x 50') || 700 square feet || $2700

Large (14' x 100') || 1400 square feet || $4400

Additional sizes can be discussed during our consultation call and average ~$53 per square foot--labor and materials included.
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We're currently scheduling installations for about 3-weeks after the initial consultation.
A greenhouse, or high tunnel as this style is more appropriately called, effectively moves your production space one USDA growing zone closer to the equator.

This means that your crops will experience a warmer climate, as well as protection from adverse weather events. Both these features enable you to grow more crops, faster, and for a longer portion of the year.
Doors, Doors, Doors!
We offer three different kinds of doors to best suite your needs. Please let us know in the consultation if you would like one or two doors on your tunnel.

A fully-framed door which measured 4' wide and 6.5' tall = $2000 each
Framed doors require additional bracing and so will increase the cost of your greenhouse by ~$30/square foot

A single-zipper door opens all the way to the top of the tunnel (8 feet high) and all the way to the edge of the tunnel (14 feet wide) = $650 each

A double-zipper door opens 7' wide and 7' tall = $650 each