This article explains how to collect quotes for landscaping projects. It also explores how to hire the right landscaper based on their quote. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Getting a landscaping quote and hiring a proficient designer is a challenging task. But this quote can also serve as a wonderful tool to help you ensure a great design project that will exceed your greatest expectations. It’s important to receive a quote from any potential designer, contractor, or landscaper you might work with before the work begins. Landscape architectural services in the U.S. are expected to exceed 4.4 million U.S. Dollars by 2024. That’s a lot of money! As a client, you should know how much to expect to pay for a project. You should also have a clear understanding of what you will receive for your money. You can get this first from a quote, then from a contract.

You should consider several factors when requesting quotes from landscapers. The first thing to ask is whether you need a full service landscape company or just some routine maintenance. Once you decide what you need, it might be easier for you to find the right quote.

How to secure a quote for your landscape installation

Securing a quote for your landscape installation is very critical. With proper planning, you can make this process smooth and reliable. The first thing you can do is to list out all the things you might want from your future landscape design.

1.      Create your own wish list

Grab a blank piece of paper or an empty document and start listing everything you can think of! This helps you and your potential designer come to a quicker and more accurate understanding of the project’s details. This also forms a solid foundation for future communication between yourself and your hired designer. You can prevent headaches and reduce unnecessary costs in the project going forward.

2.     Find a qualified designer

Finding a professional landscape designer can significantly impact the success of your installation. A qualified designer will be ready to talk about your project’s details. A qualified designer commits to understanding and following each parameter of your project. For instance, some plants take time to grow while others start growing with vigor. A professional landscaper knows when small plants will mature and whether these plants are suitable for the yard or not. They’ll also be able to give you options when it comes to pricing. For example, the same plant can cost more or less money depending on how big (or mature) it is upon planting.

A good designer keeps you informed about your options during the design process. That’s a designer worth your time and money.

You will, of course, want your designer to be familiar with all aspects of your design’s needs. This means they need far more than a deep and reliable understanding of plants. They should understand environmental concerns which are external to your site. They should be ready to talk about irrigation, water storage, and drainage. They should know about hardscapes and material choices. They should be able to bring in ascetic details like lighting and water features. Moreover, the qualified designer can also create different spaces throughout the landscape in order for it to meet the individual client’s needs.

3.      Review their portfolio

Ok, so you’ve found a designer who seems highly capable. They’re comfortable with your vision and ready for all aspects of your site. Next comes a review of their portfolio–their previous work. You’re checking to make sure they can deliver on their obligations. You want to see evidence of high quality services. You want to see that their previous clients are happy and satisfied. In fact, look for quotes telling you how exuberant they are about the work they received!

Reviewing a designer’s portfolio helps make sure the person you’re about to hire truly knows what they’re doing. There are many different kinds of landscape designers out there. None of them are experts in everything. But! The one you hire should show they are comfortable and confident with the goals of your project. If you are looking to renovate your front yard, find a portfolio with samples of similar work. Beyond pictures, look for language which tells of the designer’s education and understanding. If you want a food forest planted, then your designer should understand native ecology and agroecosystems.

A long list of satisfied customers helps you hire with confidence.

An outstanding, impressive portfolio means you’re ready to hire that designer to work for you.

4.      Contact and schedule with the designer

Choose your favorite designers with the most impressive portfolios, then contact them to request a quote. They may have you supply details like your site location and design requirements, or they may schedule a time to speak with you directly. They might even want to visit you and your site in-person! Know that this last style is becoming more of a ‘consultation’ and less a ‘quote’ and so might carry a fee to pay for the designer’s time and travel to your location.

As they say: first impressions are everything. This initial contact with your potential designer for your ornamental landscape should leave you feeling ecstatic and hopeful. The designer should be respectful, should respond promptly to your first request, and should be curious about your project and your site.

5.      Prepare for your first chat!

After scheduling with a potential designer, make sure you’re ready to make the most of your time with them.

  1. Revisit your wish list from step 1 (above).
  2. Make note of any particular features which are especially important to you.
  3. Bather additional resources from similar projects that you like. Use them both for your own inspiration and to help guide your designer towards what you are looking for.
  4. Advise the designer of what particular pieces of their work or services which motivated you to contact them. This can really help your designer hone in on what you want from them so they don’t waste your time going in a direction you don’t want.

6.      What makes up a landscaping quote

Since you are asking for a quote for your landscape installation, you should have an idea of how your designer is coming to the figure they give you. The general formula is:

Material costs + labor costs + overhead costs + tax + profit margin = estimate or quote

7.      How to move from quote to installation

After obtaining a quote that fits your budget and your dream for your landscape, the next step is to hire a designer to create your landscape design. Any reputable designer will want to give you a quote first, so if you decide not to go with whomever you’ve already interviewed then prepare to go thru the process all over again with a new person.

After you’ve received a quote from a landscaper you want to employ, tell them you want to hire them! They should be able to give you an estimated timeline for both the start and completion of their design work. If you’re interested, they can handle the installation for you as well and will give you another timeline for that.

The final steps are quite official, involving contract signing and paying a deposit. From there, most of the work should be out of your hands while your designer does their job. They should check back in with you with any questions. They should also deliver a final design to you by or before the time they promised.

Final thoughts

If you’ve followed the steps outlined above, you should have a reliable quote from a reputable designer who will quickly bring your vision to life in great detail.

Here’s wishing you the best outcomes for your future landscaping projects!